Gamification is about the use of game mechanics in non-game context.

When people need to be engaged and motivated a lot can be learned and done on the basis of game design principles. Therefore, gamification is and will always be a necessary tool in the war against apathy, passiveness and cynicism of modern man (consumer, citizen, any stakeholder).

Having said that. I think of gamification as an integral part of the experience design, which is especially useful when we design smoother processes. The boundary between gamification and experience design is increasingly blurred.


Project references

- gamification of health promotion campaigns for a regional F&B corporation

- marketing campaigns (exhibitions) for the Walnut Grove and external clients

- HR assesment centres

What can we gamify for you?

- participatory conferences

- individual lessons on any subject matter (based on the edularp and other methodologies)

- trainings /internal academies etc

- HR assesment and development centres

- sales processes

- innovation processes

- work environment

More information

Žiga Novak, +386 31 834 513,



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