The spirit of the time (Zeitgest) demands new approaches in communicating and decision-making within all the groups we form as humans (companies, families, NGOs, local communities…).

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A participatory HR event for 300 people – we worked on and off-stage,  in plenary and in 30 smaller groups, including one with the speakers on stage.

How can I help you in implementing participatory processes in your organisation?

-       Organizing experiential participatory events, which will involve and engage your participants and give them a sense of community

-       Facilitating larger participatory events (creative workshops, conference etc…)

-       Train the trainer programs for your internal facilitators (leaders, mentors, opinion leaders)

-       Facilitation of smaller but very important meetings that need an external facilitator

-       Consulting on wholesome implementation of participatory communication and decision-making within your organization


I follow and practice the latest and most efficient group facilitation techniques and methods that come from a variety of schools and sources:

-       Gamestorming – how to use games and gamification for facilitation

-       Larp and edularp – nordic methodologies based on role-playing and live games

-       Art of hosting – The Magic Circle, World Cafe, Pro Action Cafe, Open space, Un-conference etc….

When designing a participatory event, we normally compile a program that will use many different formats, techniques and approaches.

Call +386 31 834 513 if you want us to design a participatory event or process for you.



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