In 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and project manager I have

- managed, coordinated or directed about 1000 experiental events for corporate clients

- designed about 80 different experiental programs that are designed to be used more than once – from beer tasting to locking 70 people inside a barn for an escape adventure

- facilitated or spoke at 60 external events as an invited facilitator/speaker

- devised my own Live Experience Design Technology that is being used daily by the Walnut Grove Group.

Projects I am most proud of:

- transforming a neglected horse ranch into The Walnut Grove – an attractive venue where we organise 30 weddings per year (and almost 200 other events)

- we have managed to form a unique business groups that includes all the vital elements for creating unique experiences (venue, catering, agency)

- we are world leaders in large corporate escape programs and some other niche experiences

- managing a live military history documentary event based on a military re-enactment with 200 re-enactors

- making an initiative for the College of Extraordinary Experiences

- designing gamified educational programs for the Slovenian Military




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