I can make an interesting speach on a variety of topics related to business, organisational development, marketing, creativity, gamification, experience desing etc. Call me at +386 31 834 513 for a short conversation on whether I can deliver what you need.

Motivational speaches

I do 60-90 minutes shows on motivation that are interesting, substantiated, interactive, multimedia oriented and designed (using LXD technology) to entertain, touch, shake and inspire the target group. Frequent elements in my speaches:

-       Extraordinary stories of extraordinary individuals

-       Humour

-       A bit of a theory if needed

-      Photos, videos and music

-      Your messages

-      Interactive elements such as games and puzzles

A perfect oppurtunity for a motivation:

-       Conferences and conventions

-       Team buildings

-       Project launches


-        Corporations, government ministries and agencies, conference organisers etc.